In a world where the majority of cars are black, gray, and white, Nimbus wanted to set themselves apart from the pack and create an affordable customizable all electric vehicle. When starting out with nothing, not even a company name, let me show you how I transformed Nimbus from zero to hero. From designing the responsive design website, to the car's touch screen, to the app for watch and mobile, this user experience ignited a new breed of electric vehicles.


UX, UI, Visual, Brand strategy, Content Strategy



Establish an online presence to generate pre-orders

Nimbus is a new EV company that needs to establish their ecommerce site to get more pre-orders/purchases for their cars. They want to establish that they are the EV of choice.


An electrifying user experence

The site must have clear pricing, simple checkout, easy navigation, and be informative so more users will convert.



After qualifying 8 people, I conducted usability studies to help identify target customers, their behaviors and pain points. After testing 8 people I started seeing patterns with my users. From this I genereated 2 personas.


Competitive Analysis

I did a heuristic evaluation of the competitive scope of all car companies that sell hybrids and electric vehicles and found Nimbus would be the only all electric vehicle that would be customizable.

User Flow

I narrowed my focus to one user flow that I would be usability testing with.




I started my process with low fidelity wireframes and worked my way up to high fidelity that I would test users with.

link to invision prototype

Guerrilla User Testing

After testing 6 users with my invision prototype, I discovered several pain points with my flow. The users wanted to have a breadcrumb in the build area to track their progress. They also wanted to have the car model displayed and be able to edit your build on the summary page. On the order confirmation page they wanted to know that they were getting an email.

Visual Design